Puerto Rican Super Premium Coffee

  • 100% Arabica Beans

  • Valve bags for moisture and freshness control

  • 100% Harvested, processed and packaged at the same farm

  • Not blended or mixed with coffee beans from other farms or with beans of inferior quality.

I DARE you to try this sensory tasting:

The tasting begins then you open the valve bag, and the rich aroma hits your olfactory senses. It continues when your hearing senses become alert as the coffee starts brewing and the aroma invades your kitchen! Then the real adventure begins. While you are pouring the coffee in your cup, your sight senses awaken when you see the dark brown liquid filling it. What a treat it is when your taste buds indulge in the robust taste of Café La Aurora, from the first sip to the last! ENJOY Café La Aurora as much as we do and as many families have done during the last 94 years!

The Great thing about Café La Aurora is that its quality is 100% guaranteed. The farm takes care of all the processes. It begins when they plant the coffee bean seed and goes all the way to packing up the ground coffee. There are NO intermediaries involved! The owner oversees all the stages himself, the planting of the seeds, picking, pulping, washing, drying, milling, toasting, grinding and the packing of the coffee beans. Café La Aurora is perfect for Espresso Machines and Italian espresso makers, known in our island as "Grecas", as well as dripping coffee machines.


La Aurora means Breaking Dawn, Morning, When a new Day begins with New beginnings, New opportunities, A Time to look into the future!

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Please Contact us if you have any trouble placing your order or to check on the status of your order.

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Learn how we process the coffee. We hand pick and transport them right to your door with love and care.

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Please check here for how we do shipping. Rates are standard and packing is done with top quality control to ensure you get the freshest product out there!

Contact Info

Café La Aurora
P.O. Box 270192
San Juan, PR 00927
Email: auroratrading@live.com
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Café La Aurora

Café La Aurora will transform the way you appreciate
a good cup of coffee.

Once you try Café La Aurora, your palate will change
forever and you will NOT want to go back to other coffees. It has a delicious chocolate flavor and no bitter after taste.

There is no other coffee that tastes like Café La Aurora!

Fair Trade Symbol

Wake up to good Coffee!

Bag of Cafe La Aurora Coffee